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MEFeater Magazine

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12 Years ago today, Kanye Dropped 'Late Registration' featuring this iconic song 🐻


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posting this just because yesterday was Tracee Ellis Ross’ birthday and today is Nia Long’s birthday.

The Worst Moderator in the UK

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Happy Birthday, Nia Long. (And happy belated, Tracee Ellis Ross 🥺)

georgia 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇪🇺🌹

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i was gonna say unresolved sexual tension but pretty sure they resolved it

clementine for your thoughts ♥️🍊?

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@redbeantofu they wore each other's clothes red and blue means g

Mahou Shoujo Emma 🎀

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The sexual tension of Chad saying "I'll show you how I swing" to Ryan


cathy earnshaw kin

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You construct intricate rituals which allow you to touch the skin of other men

cybr angel 🌈

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their shoe game was crazy if u really think about it



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First total Solar Eclipse in 38 years? Blame it... ON THE BOOGIE!

Margie! Margie! Margie! OF$3 ✨5K✨

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Im rethinking my Goblin in D&D. I’m thinking he’s more like the Boogie Man in PPG but shorter and more of a lil shit lol cause he’s like a spice selling sky pirate fugitive lol

still absolutely engrossed with brokeback mountain’s straight-bait advertising.

still absolutely engrossed with brokeback mountain’s straight-bait advertising.

someone opened his mouth to say Meryl Thee Streep is an overrated actress..

Pop Crave

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.@TheWeeknd unveils the cover art for his upcoming new album, #AfterHours.

He will he releasing a new track from the album TONIGHT!

Ed Sheeran News (Fanpage) 🧛🏻

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📸 teddysphotos: My new single Bad Habits comes out on 25th June. Pre-order/pre-save now x

Official Charts

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The artwork for Ed Sheeran's new single Bad Habits, released later this month

Warner Music Germany

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#EdSheeran is back! Der Brite hat seine neue Single Bad Habits für den 25. Juni angekündigt und damit seine offizielle Rückkehr nach zwei Jahren bestätigt – und einen Termin für die Live-Premiere mit dem neuen Song gibt's ebenfalls: