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When I turned off notifications

✍🏻 @SarahCAndersen

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Me when my cats meow back


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When one of my tweets gets more than three likes

Todd Howard when that guy in the crowd shouted his name #E32018

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You guys are getting sleep?

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Woody was living in the moment

📹 @mcannatarofilms

alecrim pensamentos

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esse é um dos melhores tiktoks que eu ja vi

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Home is where I don't need to censor my emotions

📸 @_drought

Nate The Goose King (Goose Vtuber)

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Yoooo ! I saw this and I instantly want it! #want #ENVtuber #mature

QENNY Southsider

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I found the coolest welcome mat.

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Boss: Can you do this extra work ?
Me: Will I get extra money?

Xun Kuang Studying 🐉 🇹🇼 🇬🇧

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@PandasAndVidya Welp, see you next Easter I guess


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@eurogamer G2A: We commited a crime multiple times
People: ok then stop doing it

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When you accidentally watched five seasons of a TV show in one weekend and realize you have no life

I was a young woman when DA:I was released. Me at the DA4 launch, however~

hmm.. maybe I'll just add one more small feature before going to bed

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Reasons to date me:
1. No one will try to steal me from you
2. Sometimes I’m funny
3. Please…

(⩌ˬ⩌) Eight Eyed Eel (⩌ˬ⩌)

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baby, am I

find abusive e-girlfried, I must

Jacob Tremblay

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Me: Mirror, mirror on the wall whose the cutest one of them all?
Mirror: 👇

Jacob Tremblay

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I shall call him Boda and he shall be mine and he shall be my Boda! 💕

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just like me fr

📹 @Cotsumet