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Al Capone's Alt

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Cookie's Bustle thread since Twitter search is bad.

Tríona Tree Farrell

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Its 2pm and still too early for me to read this revelation.

Xinyan dearest 🎸🤘⚡Amp it up!

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Hold two fists and put them like this

From the first knuckle (far left) say 'January big', then move to the first dent in between the first two knuckles, say 'February small'

By the time you reach July, you're at the last knuckle of your first hand

たろ a.k.a.TAROO-METAL

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YUIMETALは可愛くもあるけど、時にものすごくクールな表情をすることがある。生真面目な性格が現れるというか、とっても真摯で一途な表情。 #BABYMETAL #YUIMETAL


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