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Lindsay Ellis

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This will be the first and only time I use this gif #gameofthrones

Bethany Heck

Mean Fat Girl- 🏳️‍🌈💄

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This is the most useful gif on the internet

aria 🐳💘

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me whenever i see ren in that weird braid in the new utapri single

Bethany Heck

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When you find out what other people make to speak at the conferences you're asked to speak at for free

Bakery tries to have "love" on their ingredient list, and you can imagine the FDA's reaction

Bakery tries to have "love" on their ingredient list, and you can imagine the FDA's reaction

Bethany Heck

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Whenever I cross a ridge in Seattle on a clear day and see the Cascades in the distance I get a bit verklempt


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When you think about everything you went through and overcame in 2015

Bone apple tea!

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The U.N wants the US to pay reparation to slaves. I'm here for this

Bethany Heck

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When I remember I’m going to be able to drive my car again soon

かっこいい。本当にかっこいい。かっこいい、もう本当に好き。大好きで何回でも見てしまうGIF #GIFViewer

Karim ☯ Adnoub ☮ 🌊🌊🌊

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TY @lilibodo @zarahlee91 @GTATidea @no1sumire @Fujio_Oda @annaaizic @oda_f @CuteEstella8 @kevmurp71 @patriotflag2016

Bethany Heck

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Footage of me every time I find a typeface I’m reviewing in use


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I think we're getting the Women's Championship Triple Threat match. This is going to be a happening! #WrestleMania

Bethany Heck

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My eureka waking moment this morning was that this bit from The Favourite is perfectly suited for a student talk I’m preparing

Will Kellogg

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Dianne Feinstein when a literal child asks her a question about climate change

Screen Rant

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The award for Best Actress in a Leading Role goes to Olivia Colman for The Favourite!! #Oscars2019

Bethany Heck

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The title text combo (the serif in all caps above the main title) is a treatment I’ve wanted to use since the Polygon redesign work. If at first you don’t succeed, try again, and when all else fails, use it on your own damn site.

여기가 무덤인가봐 구 ㅣ여워서 돑 ㅇ ㅏ 버림

Kaitlin D. A'Hearn

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Live footage of Kukiz'15 defeating the judiciary bills

Gouiya 'the Future Bartender'

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*mfw i get full points on an assignment I didn't finish, nor turned in*

Bethany Heck

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I get to help answer print production questions for my designers this week and my vibe has gone full “60-year-old grumpy printmaker who is so excited/relieved that the youths have taken interest”

Plus! It's everybody's favorite day of the week because it's almost time for Tim's Rejects with @timmynowak. WATCH.

David Turley

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TFW when you give GBM's team Gangplank and it's not GBM playing it. #NALCS