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🏴Anwar Hadi🏴

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What language do you speak most fluently?


Kim aka 🦣

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@MarkHamill ‘Run’ is a strong word, but it’s downhill so we’re good.

David Goldfarb 💙💛Metal : Hellsinger OUT NOW

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@realDonaldTrump ah yes, the fight with the ramp and gravity. A noble struggle.

Kim aka 🦣

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Mastodon is the inflatable seat cushion you hoped to never see. #TwitterMigration

Chart Surgeon

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Above 10511......................if #NIFTYFUTURE crosses with volumes /stays above for 15 minutes
See What happens to #Shortsellers....................
We see EXPLOSION upto 10575---10595++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


Windows Insider Program

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Buckle up, it's flight time once again! Build 18898 is now available in the Fast ring! Details are available in the latest blog post:

帝國海軍艦 伊号第四二〇潜水艦

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Que dice C´s, que le dan 48 horas al #PP, para cerrar un acuerdo de investidura, y yo estoy así.

Metal Mama Michele

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@realDonaldTrump Somehow it will be your fault.

Kim aka 🦣

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Caption this.

Benny Johnson

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This is a real photo of Kari Lake vacuuming the red carpet before meeting Donald Trump.

A member of Kari team told us she insisted on personally making sure the carpet was spotless out of “respect for the office of the President of the United States.”

This is servant leadership

Chance 🤺 Giardiniere 🍊 🔞

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"Kari Lake, candidata governatore dell'Arizona, passa l'aspirapolvere sul tappeto prima di incontrare Trump. Un membro del team di Kari ci ha detto che ha insistito per assicurarsi personalmente che il tappeto fosse immacolato per rispetto dell'ufficio del Presidente USA."

Kim aka 🦣

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🎈 Happy Birthday, @RexChapman 🎈

Kim aka 🦣

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@markhughesfilms @tedcruz

Phoenix Rising

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No worries #Texas
@SenTedCruz has you call covered !!! 🙊🙉🙈

Kim aka 🦣

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Life On Sphere

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“It is better to travel well then to arrive.” – Buddha
#travel #traveler #travelblogger

Kim aka 🦣

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@tedcruz Fuck you, Russian scum.


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🤩 Як можна не вірити в ЗСУ, коли вони у такому настрої… :))

Oleksiy Sorokin

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When you see that Ukrainian troops are about to encircle Lyman.


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