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He has done Boris in here 😂😂

🎥: tomelwes (IG)


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Nearly p***ed myself watching this 😂😂

This 457-metre supertall skyscraper designed by Sir David Adjaye has been proposed for a site near Hudson Yards in Manhattan - #construction #architecture #skyscrapers #NewYork


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Arsenal every time they get themselves out of a hole and start to build some momentum

P.W.J. van der Toorn

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Wij dwaalden allen als schapen, wij keerden ons ieder naar zijn eigen weg…

- Jesaja 53:6


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I Photoshop @paddingtonbear into another movie or TV show until I forget: Day 317

Paul Peeters


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@davidjoyce @paddingtonbear @ParamountPics You're right!


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Two groups of penguins pass each other, stopping briefly to exchange information..

Paul Peeters

Andrea Barlow

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The rockhoppers on the left are heading out to sea, the ones on the right are heading back to the rookery having been out at sea. I love the conflab they have when they meet... and the confused penguin at the end!! 😂 #FalklandIslands #Falklands #RockhopperPenguins


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Un grupo regresa del mar; el otro se dirige al mar. Parece que intercambian información.

🐧 🌊 🐧


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OK maybe reproducing with my niece wasn't the best idea.

Sam Adams

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not loving the new-look Gollum

Paul Peeters

Jeff Bezos

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Coming this September 2nd. Can’t wait for you to see it. @LOTRonPrime (1/2)

Paul Peeters

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Ik denk nog vaak aan die mand verdorde lavendel die jaren op de vensterbank in de fractiekamer van FVD gestaan heeft

Paul Peeters

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Ik weet niet of de staat van de lavendel op de achtergrond ergens een metafoor voor is, maar ik denk dat de staat van de lavendel op de achtergrond ergens een metafoor voor is.