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Nick Cooper

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Tweeting this again as Cummings and his mob keep trying to get it taken down...

Jonathan Higgins

Terry Harris

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Boris Johnson visits Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge. via @YouTube here’s what 6th year medical student @SJimons asked him. @chunkymark @TheBirmingham6 @michaeljswalker


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Stop Boris Trump 🛑
Save our NHS 😇

Ireland / Ruairí

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Made an executive decision to leave the office in time for #derrygirls!
Are we all tuned in?

Niamh Shields

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Eye rolled at some news and pause to wonder briefly if we all have stronger eye muscles now and if there are actual eye muscle injuries being dealt with on a regular basis.

Gif of the best eye roller in the business @siobhni 👏🏻

Have you been in every county in Ireland? I think that in fact I have never been to Derry.

Jonathan Higgins

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You things are bad when you are genuinely excited that season two of Sunderland Till I Die has been added to Netflix!


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열아홉 살 베트남 여성 후안마이가 마흔여섯 살인 한국인 남편에게 무차별 구타당해 갈비뼈 18개가 부러진 채 사체로 발견되었다. 이것은 후안마이가 죽기 전날 밤 남편에게 남긴 편지다._문유석 <개인주의자 선언>

𝔼 氏꙼̈ ꪔ̤̫

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合言葉 写真シェア&動画コンテナ共通


Jonathan Higgins

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FAO Daniel Levy and Mike Ashley especially, but the remainder of the PL clubs aswell.

barcacentre (from 🏡)

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Official Barça statement confirming the wage reduction:


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☑️ [FCB] | OFFICIAL | FC Barcelona statement

Jonathan Higgins

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Goodness gracious me, this is quite something else.


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Did Barnier infect BoJo? Hunt for No10's 'patient zero':

Richard Chambers

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There's irresponsible journalism and then there's this.

potluck miscreant 🍲🍀👺

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"Is this EU revenge for Brexit?"


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The world right now to Boris Johnson.

Jonathan Higgins

Eoin Keane

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the whole of twitter to boris johnson right now

Jonathan Higgins

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There is live football on BT now.

I repeat live football on BT now😊

The Jupiter Boys

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We're less than 24 hours away from a new episode! #PodernFamily


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We have traded A.J. Bouye to the Denver Broncos in exchange for a 4th round pick.

Jonathan Higgins


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We have traded Calais Campbell to the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for a 5th round pick.


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We have traded Nick Foles to the Chicago Bears in exchange for a 4th round pick.

Jonathan Higgins

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Wowza, the day has happened. End of a era. Tom Brady no longer a Patriot.

Adam Schefter

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And here is Tom Brady’s announcement: