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muslim daily Ⓜ️

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The Ramadan vibes that we all miss 😍

السلام د النكبة

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Юлия Сапронова

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Сильные Верные Умные Яркие
Смелые Преданные Надёжные Жаркие
Нежные Добрые и Романтичные
Милые Гордые и Симпатичные!
Если человек Венец природы!
То лошадь её Шедевр!

muslim daily Ⓜ️

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I don't know the full details from the incident, but this brother a lion, defended every girly shot thrown at him by Hasanat and I feel like he might be dropped him at the end which is why it's cut off

👑 Tʀɛʏ.

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Is this what that Hasanat don is up to these days 🥴


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Wrapped lollipop hijab metaphor twitter beefing small nikkah twitter about love marriage

muslim daily Ⓜ️

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Outside a Mosque in Manchester today. Hate will never win. #Christchurch

this sheds some positive light, so ima drop it on the tl :)

muslim daily Ⓜ️

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These are the good souls we need in this world ❤ #Christchurch

Bloomberg QuickTake

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#ChristchurchMosqueAttack: "I'm 66 and I never thought in my life I would live to see something like this," says an eyewitness who helped an injured man call his wife on the phone during New Zealand's #ChristchurchShootings

Johnny Mercer

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An awful, awful day. Thoughts with those in the first foreign country I fell in love with

muslim daily Ⓜ️

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I can't imagine a happier moment than this for a father ❤️

Shehab News Agency

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#HeartBreaking 💔
Dad was told his son died in airstrike the finds him alive in #Syria

#ماشاءاللہ ۔ #اللہ نے اس #نوجوان کو کتنی پُر سرور آواز سے نوازا ہے ۔ تلاوت #قرآن_کریم سنیں ۔

muslim daily Ⓜ️

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Santa: "Christmas is...."
Muslim kids: "HARAM"
Santa wasn't ready 😂😂

Fahad Ansari

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When your attempts to integrate your children backfires so badly

إبراهيم سعيد الصبحي

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يقول للطفلة ماهو الكريسميس


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Santa: "Christmas is...."
Muslim kids: "HARAM"
Santa wasn't ready 😂😂

muslim daily Ⓜ️

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This is the cutest imam 😂 Allahumma barik


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This how my son gon lead the salah in Nursery