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Tayler Hansen

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Alternate angle of the “TRUMP WON” flag being dropped at the Rangers game.

Sunil Kumar

🌎 Sarwar 🌐

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‘Trump Won' sign unfurled at Texas Rangers game
#Trump #Texas #US


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TRUMP WON flag dropped that the Texas Rangers game 👇

FrDave Nix 📡

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"My medicine won't work unless you take yours."

New York Post

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Silver medalist Raven Saunders raises hands in 'X' in Olympic protest

New York Post

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Raven Saunders didn't break rules with Olympic protest, US officials say

Here is an accurate representation of Trump getting over the Russian Collusion hoax. 😂


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A live look at President Donald Trump getting over the Impeachment Sham.

Martin Heller

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Bodycheck, Faust und Pfefferspray. Konsequentes Vorgehen der Polizei gegen #Querdenken in Berlin. #b0108 @WELT

@disclosetv 🚨

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NOW - Thousands protest in #Berlin against Covid restrictions despite a ban by the authorities. The police try to regain control with punches, batons, and pepper spray. #b0108

@DarrenPlymouth I love it, fuck this totalitarian leftists cunts

Sunil Kumar

како iphone user до сите шо ми го тупевте курот со самсунг

Alterna Comics

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"...and then they said 'it's not a comic book unless there's a superhero'...!"

Connie Satterfield

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Still laughing about that chick wanting me to go2 her snapchat. She's new to the area n looking for a man


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Does this mean I can get a disability check?🤣🤣

Sunil Kumar

Anthony 🇮🇹🇺🇸

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I always knew I would become successful at something. When is my first check? 😂

Chairman of the National Labor Front

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A reminder that our own political class is the number one enemy of the people, and nobody else.

Sunil Kumar

Real Time History

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1962 an Italian magazine published an article of how life would be protrayed in the year 2022.

Sunil Kumar

Brian Roemmele

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Consider 1962 as imagined by an Italian magazine on of how life would be in the year 2022.


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1962 年,一家意大利杂志发表的一篇关于未来人类生活文章的插图。


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