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difference a hairstyle and a smile makes

카와이와 각코이를 넘나드는 우리 장르 른

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seriously if any of my followers see it being posted ;; just dm me or tell me i can message or dm or comment to let them know 🙏 ppl usually just don’t know but it is so easy for me to take a couple seconds and explain i dont mind at all if it’s smth you’re uncomfortable with!!


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Thanks my bestie @lovemyboots111 for the TOTD! Love you💕

I see you need more coffee at work 😂😭😂

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chan just posting about seungkwan in the middle of the day 🥲

ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 형이 배신때리기로 마음 먹은게 제일 웃긴 동생

이거봐 쇼윈도 앙숙들이 서로 제일 좋아함


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토기뿌ㅠㅜ 🐰💕매력부자 만년돌 승꽈ㅜㅜ
@pledis_17 #세븐틴 #SEUNGKWAN #SEVENTEEN #승관



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もも………ももももも…桃… ももも…桃……………

Laia 🦋Royalty Witches🦋

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sigo pensando en el fanart de Lucas y Mics que han hecho kiwi y nath

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it didnt work and he didnt post a picture from the boat

raisin BRAN crunch

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me to anyone in my life at any point.

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Eu sou assim com todos os e-mails que eu recebo me desculpem 😔