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2019/06/09 08:08:40

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Jungkook giving Jimin the idea to pour water over Yoongi and Jimin's mission of trying to do it on time. His little victory gesture PLSS HE'S SO CUTE!!

𝐋𝐚𝐥𝐚 (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ALY’S BDAY
2019/06/09 08:15:22

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Y’all cannot convince me that Jimin isn’t the biggest brat 🥺😂 I love his silly ass so much


ᴿᴬᵀᴴᴱᴿ ᴮᴱ ᴰᴱᴬᴰ ᵀᴴᴬᴺ ᶜᴼᴼᴸ 💫
2019/06/09 08:15:30

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คิดว่ากลับไปจะโดนฟาดมั้ย แสบนักกก ~ 🤗

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2019/06/08 02:57:26

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As if my lil cousin who’s in year 3 told me she has a crush then With my whole chest I say to my grandma “ Granny aniah is gonna have a boyfriend before me “ & then she’s like “ shame on you “ EYE

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2019/06/05 00:12:47

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his lyrics are so beautiful and sincere i absolutely love him

amalً♡ˢᵘᵍᵃ'ˢ ᶦⁿᵗᵉʳˡᵘᵈᵉ
2019/06/05 00:13:32

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shut up seokjin shut up im so sad #ByJinIsComing

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2019/06/05 00:08:41

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Jin really wrote this beautiful song for his pets that passed away... I need a moment

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remade!! @ArisugawaNozomi
2019/04/28 01:10:50

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In conclusion,
Life is absolute shite and I’m tired b

so good grammy
2019/05/03 02:41:26

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so ur telling me the doir designs are for stage outfits and we’re not getting met gala fits..........

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2019/05/31 05:44:18

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yoongis verse was so clean, the camera work was amazing and their fits!!!

2019/05/31 05:50:45

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everything about this moment was just right. this whole performance was heaven sent. #BTSonBGT

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𝐣𝐞𝐧.🤘🏽💗 𝟖/𝟖
2019/05/31 05:45:09

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