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The Republican Party re: Marjor*e Tayl*r Gre*ne

𝚁𝚎𝚝𝚛𝚘 𝙳𝚊𝚍𝚍𝚢 ❦

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Ostatnio mam ochotę używać tego obrazka bardzo często w odniesieniu do wielu rzeczy. 🤷‍♂️

Ben Yahr

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When I see a gay person wearing short shorts that I don’t own


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Joe Budden has admitted to sexually abusing his dog, assaulted a pregnant woman, choked another but him (prematurely) ending his podcast is where ya’ll draw the line?


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When I meet a gay couple who are 5’7” and 6’2”

Holekage of the Hidden Bussy Village

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When I see a fat ass attached to a straight man

Ben Yahr

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When I say I’m gonna teach my kids their heritage, I mean this:

👑Meso The Lioma Hemsley👑

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Ben Yahr

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Me knowing the Chinese rocket debris is gonna fall on me because I’m the main character


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Morning Announcement: everyone stand for the pledge

me waiting for liam to tweet about #6yearsof1D to prove us he's not leaving the band

Alexander The Great

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Patiently waiting for the double eviction like...#BBUK

✨ Mikey Almeida ✨

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the way i learned my entire work ethic from them

Ben Yahr

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Hold up, Bill Gates is single now? Brb

Jonathan Jacobo

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Friday and work is done, omw to go get a Red Bull 🥰

Jonathan Jacobo

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Can’t help but feel that bringing this video to twitter opened Pandora’s box...

Common Gay Boy

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the queen of england: *wakes up and turns the news on*
the queen of england:

Spotify is on shuffle and it went from Almost Is Never Enough to Dangerous Woman...

Winnie Wakanda Washington 🇿🇦

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"Straight men love me. Gay men love me. Kimora Blac is everyone's sexual preference." 🤣🤣🤣

Reaction Videos

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There’s science and scientific proof. It’s biology.

joe canadian

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me explaining to straight guys it's okay to find other men attractive

Ben Yahr

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My lip sync followers when I post a pic in a speedo

And the Grammy for AOTY goes to... Golden Hour!


Ben Yahr

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I mean... look at the material.

Just waiting on grandma’s Sweet Tea🤎💅🏾

📸: @marko_monroe @hunnercrenshaw
Outfit: @marko__monroe
Creative: @GrantVanderbilt
Hair: @thegigigoode

Vogue Magazine

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She’s a winner, baby! Drag superstar @the_Symonee—also known as the “Ebony Enchantress”—was crowned the winner of RuPaul’s #DragRace season 13.