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Film critics need to stop banging on about how brilliant a movie's gender politics are.
And base their reviews solely on whether the film itself is any ruddy good or not.


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New #Ghostbusters trailer features Slimer and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man via @VarietyLatino


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'Ghostbusters' Review: Addressing the Unearned Criticism for a Perfectly Fine Film ★★★★

None of today's gutless comedians will touch the returning jihadi bride case with a bargepole.
So here's Billy Connolly to tell it like it is.

Alf Garnett

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If you don't ALREADY love Billy Connolly.
Here's why you should.

Alf Garnett

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As the British TV comedy industry is too shit scared to dare to ridicule Islamic terrorist scum.
Here's Billy Connolly to do it for 'em!

As jokes at Islamic State terrorists' expense are now apparently forbidden on the BBC.
The only place you can watch Billy Connolly's genius is here on Twitter.

What we all think about the current fairness of women's sport.
But daren't say.


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It's ridiculous how obviously unfair sports is to women now @jkwagnermd @KTHopkins

inji duducu

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@KaeleyT @LilyLilyMaynard Definitely needs to include Hannah Mouncey

해나 몬시 이 짤 볼때마다 저 여자분 표정 너무 프사감이다 생각했었는데 역시 프사로 쓰는 분이 있었다

You didn't think I'd be too obvious and tweet the "Infamy, infamy" clip for Carry On Cleo, did ya?

Sorry to disappoint you then.

🇬🇧📺 Classic British TV 📺🇬🇧

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British Caledonian Advert "l wish they all could be Caledonian" (1984)

🇬🇧📺 Classic British TV 📺🇬🇧

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British Caledonian Advert "l wish they all could be Caledonian" (1984)

When it comes to little girls gettin' blown up by suicide bomber terrorist nutters, there is no "hearing the other side of the story".

The Sun

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Tomorrow's front page: ''How dare she?''