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Agence France-Presse
2019/04/16 04:52:00

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@patrickgaley Sauver Notre-Dame "n'est pas acquis" affirme le secrétaire d'État à l'Intérieur Laurent Nuñez #AFP

AFP news agency
2019/04/16 05:07:00

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Firefighters battle into the night to save the historic Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris

DxO Labs
2019/04/16 16:55:46

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Hello everyone,

The night was short for many of us in Paris.
A symbol of our city is gone in the sky. But we will rebuild this beautiful Notre-Dame cathedral.
Congratulations to all the firefighters of Paris who have largely protected the cathedral.
Have a lovely day everybody.

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그냥 그냥.
2019/04/16 05:26:19

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노틀담 성당에 화재가 발생해서 현재까지 지붕이 전소됐다.

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Hans Vos
2019/04/16 04:19:36

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Parijs, maandag 15 april 2019...
(Foto Geoffroy van der Hasselt)

Bloomberg TicToc
2019/04/16 03:22:31

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DETAILS: The Notre Dame Cathedral construction began in 1160 and ended in the 14th century. The fire began in the structure of the monument that dates back to the 13th century.

The monument is 850 years old and is visited by up to 50,000 people per day

AFP news agency
2019/04/16 03:23:22

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Fire trucks could be seen speeding through Paris towards the scene of the fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral on the Ile de la Cite -- an island in the Seine.
The Paris police department in a tweet called on residents to avoid the area and to "make way for rescue vehicles"

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2019/04/16 03:20:12

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#NotreDame che crolla, simbolo d’un Europa che ha dimenticato i suoi valori e la sua storia.

2019/04/16 03:56:21

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200 years to build ... 700 years of existence... 5 minutes to burn...

#NotreDame #Paris

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Hans Vos
2019/04/15 21:32:22

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De wielrenners ná #ParijsRoubaix2019...
Prachtig gefotografeerd door @Pat_accroche, Russell Jones en @modcyclingphoto. #wielrennen #cycling

Team Sunweb
2019/04/15 19:35:32

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A moment of solitude at the finish of #ParisRoubaix for @RoyCurvers yesterday.

📸: @Pat_accroche

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Pete Geyer
2019/04/17 05:24:00

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"One of these six" and more great 2019 Paris-Roubaix art by @ArtofCycling - Full gallery here:

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