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Fashion sense in 4 pics:

Mostly 80s/90s dad with touch of ᶠᵉᵐᵐᵉ and a slew of dumb tees

Forgot how much I swoon for him every scene he talks to Sophie up close 👌🏽😩


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@Yuzeu_for_kei 하늘을 걷는 기분이겠군요

어머니 불효녀 낭만은 먼저 갑니다 . .

Watched the Japanese dub of Howl’s Moving Castle for the first time and be hittin ✨different✨



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이거 따라해 보고싶었다고


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Me at the beginning of 2016 vs me at the end of 2016

Me when I’m rewatching Shin Godzilla, seeing that the Japanese would handle an imaginary giant lizard better than how the US handles an actual pandemic

👁‍🗨A HauntedVHS 📼

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Talking to friends about shin Godzilla... might have to finish my illust I started for it. I love its 2nd form so much 😭💦


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Love @忍描き

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『みんなちがって みんないい』直面は、





Farewell to Kazuo Koike, a master mangaka & writer of such classic stories as LONE WOLF AND CUB, LADY SNOW BLOOD, & CRYING FREEMAN. Thank you for all the stories

Allison Smith

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Watching Lady Snowblood tonight...highly recommend it if you wanna see where Tarantino got the idea for the premise of Kill Bill

Yoshi Yoshitani

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