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Common Girl

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me vibing to my own playlist knowing it's a masterpiece

♥ 🏋️ 💪MIGUEL 💪 ♥

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Dulces sueños amigas y amigos...
Recuerden que hoy es domingo
y comenzamos el mes de mayo... Feliz descanso a todos♥

Common Girl

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“ ill tell you tomorrow “

me all night:

🦄Dipper LULA Pines🦄

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Acabei de perceber que eu sou o Bart

# 𝕝𝕚𝕝𝕪 ִֶָ + MOVING ACC

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Sta notte ho sognato di essere al concerto dei bangtan, beh che dire sono in lacrime

Andrea ╰♡╮Light

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Just need a hug 😕 being single sucks and I've always been single and now I am old. But that's fine.