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2019/02/18 22:13:52

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فيديو | تساقط الثلوج على مرتفعات تبوك شمال
#السعودية ..

2019/02/21 03:40:54

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WOW!!! Snow reported in northern Saudi Arabia this afternoon 20th February! Repor; @meteorologo777 #severeweather #extremeweather #snowfall

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2019/02/20 01:30:14

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*world weather* Fresh snowfall also in Toudgha, Morocco yesterday, Feb 18th - thanks to ZakaRia Ouh for the report!

2019/02/21 03:32:22

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WOW!!! Heavy new #snowfall in Toudgha, Morocco, Africa a couple of days ago 18th of February....thanks to ZakaRia Ouh for the photo! #severeweather #extremeweather #snow

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2019/02/01 19:00:11

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Epic scene of frozen lake Michigan around Chicago - it really does remind of a scene from the movie The Day after tomorrow. Report via Clima Extremo

2019/02/01 20:22:55

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WOW!!! Amazing scene of frozen #lakeMichigan around #Chicago, Illinois, USA yesterday morning 31st January! Looks exactly like an image out of “The Day after tomorrow”. Photo via Clima Extremo #severeweather #extremeweather

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2018/12/25 17:36:53

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Etna, Sicily in eruption at dawn today, December 25. Photo: Alessandro Tringali

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Press TV
2018/04/19 16:33:10

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Video shows impacts of #earthquake on Jashak salt dome in #Iran's southern province of #Bushehr.

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kylie j
2018/01/23 19:31:29

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tsunami sirens going off in kodiak after the earthquake, i usually only ever hear the weekly siren test at 2pm on wednesdays so hearing it at 1am on tuesday is actually terrifying!!

Amichai Stein
2018/01/23 19:48:21

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וידאו: אזעקת התרעת צונאמי בקודיאק שבאלסקה; גלי הצונאמי צפויים לפגוע באיזור בדקות הקרובות @kann_news

Bomberos GIRECAN #USAR & K9
2018/01/23 19:58:17

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A la 1:00 am hora local de #Kodiak (Alaska) se activaron las sirenas de alerta por #Tsunami

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‏للجنـﮧ نسعــے
2016/11/12 17:00:27

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اللهم اكفينا شر غضبك علينا وارحمنا برحمتك

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Marco M.M.
2016/07/20 22:23:38

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A US air strike killed 85 civilians in Syria...The silence of the Western media is disquieting. #PrayForSyria #Syria

The White Helmets
2016/07/16 18:23:27

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22 civilians killed in aerial bombardment of Aleppo today.

Thomas van Linge
2016/07/17 00:59:22

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#Syria: innocent blood is once again flowing in #Aleppo, journalist puts down his camera trying to save a child

Christian Turner
2016/07/17 01:44:17

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#Aleppo : A stunned Civil Defense member carries the body of a civilian killed by today's airstrikes.

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