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“Super Pod On The Move”
One of natures heartwarming spectacles is a super pod of #dolphins on the move filmed off Laguna Beach, CA shared to us by Award Winning Tour Organization, Dolphin Swim Australia courtesy of Waterman and Athlete, Chuck Patterson via Instagram #Oceans


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So BAD ASS!!!!! Laguna Beach, California

Putin: “Did you order the assassination of the woman who walked into the Congress & who was shot & killed by a policeman? ...450 individuals were arrested.... They’re facing jail time.... [T]hey came to Congress w/political demands. Isn’t that persecution for political opinions?”

Election Wizard

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WATCH: Russian President Putin calls out the US government for politically persecuting the Jan. 6 mob and provocatively implies the US government might have assassinated Ashli Babbit.

Congratulations to @naftalibennett for officially becoming the new PM of Israel 🇮🇱. I wish the nation of Israel and their new PM good luck. I'm hoping the new Israeli govt will work overtime with their Arab partners & US, UK for peace and development in the region. 🕊️

Adam & Gila Milstein Family Foundation

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An absolute beautiful rendition of The National Anthem last evening by Israeli 🇮🇱 Artist Nicole Raviv at the Islanders game in Nassau Coliseum.

The Post Millennial

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Fans at the Nassau Coliseum really living up to the United States' motto last night... #EPluribusUnum 🇺🇸 🏒

Yet another explosion in Iran. Either they are totally exposed, totally incompetent, or extraordinarily unlucky.

M.Majed محمد مجيد

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عاجل: اندلاع حريق هائل في طهران الآن

#عاجل| #إيران: حريق كبير في شركة مواد غذائية في العاصمة #طهران

خبر عاجل

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عاجل 🔴


حريق كبير بعد اشتعال أحد المصانع غرب طهران في إيران .

A disgruntled citizen slapped Macron in the face |

Détective Conan 🇫🇷 au Cinéma 💥🎬

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Sato quand Takagi s'est déguisé en Matsuda:

ジャストイン - フランス・ツアー中にマクロンが顔を。。


Bree A Dail

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FRANCE—Video emerges of @EmmanuelMacron slapped in the face, while greeting people during his tour of the #Drôme.

Two people reportedly arrested.

Once upon a time, I thought pan sexuality was inherently bi-phobic. Then I got schooled. |

Libs of Tik Tok

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I have no idea what them is saying, but that’s a great hack to always have a safety pin on hand!

Ian Miles Cheong

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I don’t know what any of this means. (I do but let’s pretend I don’t because it’s mind-numbing)

My sorrow grows | Iran's media is reporting another large fire today at the Shahid Tondguyan oil refinery in the Tehran area.

Iran International English

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#BREAKING: #Iran's media is reporting another large fire today at the Shahid Tondguyan oil refinery​ in the Tehran area. Video from Tasnim is below.

@disclosetv 🚨

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JUST IN - Shahid Tondguyan oil refinery in #Tehran, Iran on fire.

Bashar al-Assad won the election in Syria by a 95.1 percent majority. How? Watch the soldiers handle the ballots.

Mohamad Rasheed محمد رشيد

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This video from the Assad regime elections explains where the 13 million voters came from in light of the displacement of 10 million Syrians.

Syrian Comment

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Another example of Syrian election fraud, but just caught on camera