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playing ice climbers vs any zoner

#14: Yakuza 4
Platform: PC

One of my favourite games, and this playthrough has only cemented that. Phenomenal story full of twists and turns which still get me, deep beat-em-up gameplay and extremely varied side content. Glad it’s now available to a far wider audience.


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龍が如く3→Yakuza 3
龍が如く4→Yakuza 4


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#13: Sonic Dimensions
Platform: PS5 (Backwards compatibility)

Should’ve figured #13 would be unlucky. A great idea on paper, but has lots of issues. Really wanted to like it, but it’s far too difficult to keep control of and is chock-full of bugs.

Walmart Canada Gaming

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Which video game franchise do you think should get a LEGO game?

Malditos Nerds

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#LEGO anunció un set oficial de #Sonic, diseñado por un fan.
Más info, acá

Malditos Nerds

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Después de un 2020 en el que #LEGO y #Nintendo se asociaron para lanzar su compleja colección de #SuperMario, #SEGA también llega a los ladrillos con un set (mucho más humilde) de #Sonic, diseñado por un fan.
Más info, acá

I'm LiVE over on raising money for @SpecialEffect! Come and join me for some first time LEGO Dimensions Sonic... hoo boy.


LEGO Dimensions

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When you think it's Friday but it's only Wednesday... #LEGODimensions

Katy CEO de Pardo

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Subnormal: Los furrys deben ser cazados
Me, an otro subnormal:


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getting up at 7am five days a week in high school VS getting up at 9am two days a week for college

I have the honours of being on Team @RadioSEGA this coming weekend as we raise money for @SpecialEffect during #GameBlast21!

Join me on Friday for a RadioSEGA Shuffle, on Saturday for a blocky adventure and on Sunday for a bit of punchy Dad Simulator.

Time to sign up for @GameBlast!

It’s six weeks until @SpecialEffect’s epic event, so give yourself a gaming challenge and help level the playing field for gamers with disabilities with your own #GameBlast21 livestream!

Get all the info you need at

Join me on 26 and 27 Feb, for a two-day N64 charity livestream extravaganza in aid of GameBlast21!

I want to raise at least £240 for SpecialEffect, so that as many people as possible can enjoy the magical medium of video games.

More info & donate at:

#RadioSEGA15 📻🎉

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We're proud to team up with the annual charity gaming event known as @GameBlast with a mix of video & audio programming from our own presenters and community from February 26-28, benefiting @SpecialEffect!

Read on on what to expect for #GameBlast21:

luka's fat nendoroid titties

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@urserer @umbran_sisters

This is possibly the strangest listener suggestion I've ever received for any of my shows, but somehow it's also one of the most popular.

If you're mad enough to, come and join me tomorrow at 7pm GMT for The Milk Mix.


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when someone messages me a minute after i login to work

Juby (𝗱𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗻𝘁 𝘀𝗼𝗯𝗯𝗶𝗻𝗴)

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me between the blackouts in texas

when a PR person emails me a friendly follow-up

Designers Humor 😂

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When the client sends me back to back design changes