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(@gerardromero) |
Luis Suárez has bid farewell to his teammates at Ciutat Esportiva today. His move to Atlético is imminent.

(@JosepSoldado) |
Luis Suárez left the Ciutat Esportiva crying in his car.

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#OndaCero |
Bartomeu is reluctant to allow Suárez from joining a direct rival like Atlético de Madrid on a free deal.

(@moillorens) |
Luis Suárez is very angry, if his move to Atlético Madrid is intervened, he doesn't rule out holding a press conference with his lawyers.

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🗣️ @victor_font: "I have always told Xavi that the vision that 'Si al Futur' has in the next ten years is to try to count on his talent regardless of the role he plays at any given time."

Xavi takes the W 💪

It wasn't close 👀

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"I want to go back in time to start a project from scratch. I have said this many times; I would like to be able to make Sporting Decisions in Barcelona"

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🗣️ @victor_font: "Xavi logically, wants to be a coach."

▪ ¿Te gustaría ver a Xavi en un futuro inmediato como técnico del Barcelona?

❤ Sí
🔁 No

Xavi Hernández sería opción para dirigir al Barcelona.

El Chiringuito TV

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🚨🚨"XAVI está NEGOCIANDO con el BARÇA. Le deseamos SUERTE allá donde vaya".

¡OJO a las PALABRAS del Director Deportivo del Al Sadd, el CLUB que entrena Xavi!

| Vía Alkass |

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🗣️ @victor_font: "It's important that socis understand this because lately, they're being confused by, for example, Agustí Benedito who comes out and say he doesn't understand why this motion is going ahead since there are elections in March and there is not much difference."

Squawka News

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Barcelona fans have gathered outside Camp Nou and have a clear message. 😳

Hotspur Related

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#thfc supporter protesting outside the Camp Nou tonight following the news that Lionel Messi wants to leave Barcelona.

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#MesQueUnaMocio was given a boost on social networks by people who aren't Socis, is it time to give them importance even if they don't pay a membership fee?

🗣️ @victor_font: "I think the power of Barcelona is logically its partners but also its millions of followers worldwide."

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(@AdriaSoldevila) |
We went through the headquarters of @JordifarreFcb and @victor_font. Four days ago it was a trickle of signatures, now it's a cascade: there are people coming in with signature packages. We have spoken to partners and many believe the figure will be reached.

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Are you satisfied with the vote of no confidence?

🗣️ @victor_font: "Yes, I am satisfied. Although it is never pleasant to see that there is a motion of censure advancing because this means that the sports and institutional situation is bad..."

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🗣️ @victor_font: "if we look at recent and not so recent history, whoever arrives tries to redo everything from top to bottom. We know the different areas, even the people who are doing a good job, and we want to make everything that works well work even better."


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🗣️ @victor_font on #BarcaGate: "we had little expectation about the audit. If someone gave an order to attack someone else, it will not be found in written form. We are surprised, we ask the club for a complete audit to understand what has happened."

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🗣️ @victor_font: "If there is any chance that Messi can stay, it goes through the immediate resignation of the president."

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Reply below if you think there's been any Right Back Greater than Dani Alves in History..

The Sun Football ⚽

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Is struggling Dani Alves set for an unbelievable return to Barcelona?

The Sun Football ⚽

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Is struggling Dani Alves set for an unbelievable return to Barcelona?

UEFA #SuperCup

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🇧🇷 Dani Alves 🥇

UEFA Champions League 🏆🏆🏆
UEFA Super Cup 🏆🏆🏆🏆
UEFA Cup 🏆🏆
Club World Cup 🏆🏆🏆
Spanish Liga 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Copa del Rey 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Serie A 🏆
Coppa Italia 🏆
Ligue 1 🏆🏆
French Cup 🏆
French League Cup 🏆
Copa América 🏆🏆

#UCL | #MondayMotivation

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❗Suarez to Atletico Madrid is a done deal


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Pues yo creo que a @LuisSuarez9 le ira en el @Atleti mejor de lo que creeis.....#GraciasYSuerteLucho

🚨 وداعاً لويس شكراً على كل شيء 💔😞

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OFFICIAL | Monchu to Girona is a done deal.

Girona reached an agreement with Barcelona for a one year loan of the former La Masía player.

Girona FC 9️⃣0️⃣🎂

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❗️ Monchu, reforç pel centre del camp

➡️ El Club arriba a un acord amb el Barça per la cessió del futbolista mallorquí.


Benvingut, Monchu! 👏👏


El Chiringuito TV

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✍️OFICIAL | MONCHU deja el Barça y llega CEDIDO al @GironaFC. #LigaSmartBank

¡Te esperamos a las 12 en @elchiringuitotv!

Mercato Japan

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🇪🇸スペイン / 21歳 / CM


移籍金 :レンタル

#移籍情報 #ジローナ #バルセロナ #モンチュ