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sabrina 🦇 ❓0❓❓

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I’m so excited for the Batman 89’ series! The art by Joe Quinones alone is already sonphenomenal! I can’t wait to see what they do with this book 🦇

Joe Quinones

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Debating re-inking/re-coloring my other Bat-redesigns for the snow.

Rose City Comic Con

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Stacey Lee (@kindachinese) is coming to #RCCC! See her art in The Unbelievable #Gwenpool, #Silk, and so much more!

marvel agora apresenta logo as mulheres aranha no mcu e faz um filme só delas
é tudo que eu te peço

Here are some of my fav East Asian American female characters who I feel get it right. Silk, Molly, Jubilee, Nico 👌💯

Chris Nodinson ✨Guardian of Infinity💫

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It's only been a few weeks but we miss you already, Cindy. #MarvelSilk #Websday