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When you’re absolutely finished from the motive and you get that McDonald’s on the way home


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When I say: “chop life make life no chop you” this is what I mean

angry aries

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When you get picked up early from school for a doctors appointment.


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He finally happy 😂😂😂 Mood :

Gambino's Son

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Y’all: Its gay to moan during sex

Me putting my full 2 inches in the pussy:

♈️👑April 17🥳🎉

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Now that’s how you ride da dick 🤗😍

Ryan Parsons

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Me waking up for work on a Monday

Sam McGuire

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Defenders thinking about having to face Roberto Firmino this season.

When you nut after 7 strokes but your dick stays up

Call me Libertas 🦅

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When she airs you but another ting pops up

When he cheats on you for the 5th time but you remember he’s 6’3