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Seth Abramson

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This is how far behind most of the country is: the picture below has gone viral today as Americans "discover" that all of Trumpworld knew violence was coming January 6. The investigation of January 6 by independent journalists has moved so far beyond "What did Steve Bannon know?"

RayleenGale 🏳️‍🌈

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What did he mean? 🤔

Michelangelo - Mid Term Elections here we come..🌊

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#SteveBannon knew what was going to happen on January 6.
#MoBrooks wore body armor under his clothes while he gave a speech on January 6.
They knew. It was an inside job.
I’m so angry right now 😡 #January6th

Of course sloppy Steve knew. I have no doubt Bannon was one of the orchestrators.

Seth Abramson

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When Westley says it to Buttercup, it means, "I love you."

When Nancy Pelosi says it to Jim Jordan in the cartoon below, I suspect it carries different, uh... "semantic freight."


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Be careful what you ask for Gym!!🤣👍🏽🙏🏽🤣

Bob Lawrence --Obama is #1

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Nancy is going to gift Gym Jordan with an invite.

Seth Abramson

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This is a good summation of what Trumpists think about cops. In the view of the Trumpist "movement," cops are good for one thing: busting Black skulls. If cops aren't doing that—if they are, instead, preventing an armed coup attempt—this is what they get:

Justin Baragona

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Holy shit!

Michael Fanone shared with CNN a deranged voice mail that he received during his testimony today.

"You’re a punk f*ggot, you’re a lying fuck! ... too bad they didn’t beat the shit out of you more. You’re a piece of shit!"

This is demented and despicable!

Cameron Parker

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And here is the clip of the voicemail sent to Michael Fanone. Blue Lives Matter right 🙄

Adam Parkhomenko

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Kevin McCarthy literally ignored the pain of police officers.

Imagine if Pelosi had done this. Please watch this

Brooklyn White-Grier

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Simone Biles photographed by @tribryan.


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I would like to frame this photo.

📸: @tribryan

Aaron Rupar

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Rep. Andy Biggs claims Donald Trump will return to the presidency in 2024 "if not sooner"

Seth Abramson

Aaron Rupar

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Rep. Adam Biggs claims Donald Trump will return to the presidency in 2024 "if not sooner"

Ben Standig

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The "Guardians" logo gave me some "Adventures in Babysititng" flashbacks.

Alex Howard

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No change in the handle yet, but Cleveland’s baseball team is now the Guardians, with @tomhanks narrating the shift. (I’m hoping @Guardians tweets about it, but doubt @Marvel will offer the namespace.)

Over to you, @WashingtonNFL Redtails.

Productive Citizen ✌🏾💙🙏🏾👊🏾

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Still hate MLB, but proud to see Cleveland move on. Go Guardians!

Seth Abramson

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I like the new name for Cleveland's baseball team—the Guardians—but the logo needs work. This option would have been much better:

COUNTRY over Party

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@sportingnews THIS should be logo.