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Day6 Jae

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"Something big is coming. Join the waitlist now at @mindset_dive

에릭남 (Eric Nam)

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Amazing things are happening. Join the waitlist now at !!!

Day6 Jae

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Life really be like that sometimes

When you just stop and think to yourself. Why is everyone else happy in a relationship and I can't even get started..

Fiona Pieria ~.*☘💚

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Please forgive me!
I'm sorry.🌸💙🌸

🍞ペーターパン🦈◢͟│⁴⁶ 認証バッジ💙

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Siyah Inci..🖤

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Günaydınnnnn ..
☆ Keyifli Müzik'li Sabahlarr ☆

제횽이 생카 가는 지하철에서 서서 이렇게 졸았는데


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헐 웬일로 사진을 예쁜걸 줬어🥺💛

Day6 Jae

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Also from 12am KST Sept 15 - 12am KST Sept 16
I will be doing a QnA for the launch of "From Friends" throughout the day so send in questions under the hashtag #FromFriendsJaeAndJed and let's get weird

@josiahjzurita Getting stuck trying to enter the north high parking lot


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ya peso 69kg! cinco kilos más que hace dos meses!!