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2016/06/26 00:53:35

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@NEXT590 @Alexanderr9991 @wuill0422 Thanks so much! Listen to Delta waves,sounds to sleep.

2016/07/11 03:00:43

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For humanity to think that it is the only intelligent civilisation, shows only how far we are still yet to develop

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2016/02/21 00:50:44

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2015/09/01 07:06:35

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She gazes the light
with the rhythm
of dragonflies
over a rainbow
of flowers
in tune
an InvisibleFlight

❦• ᎶᏌᎪᏞᏌ┢┦aΡpy •❦
2016/02/11 08:51:40

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Tere amiga linda tarde @trcas @azul2769 @aliciagarciaga6 @voicara @mainzina @sherilw62 @Beto1969001 @SergioBesos Gpo

Connie N Ahlberg
2016/02/12 18:44:49

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@world0390 @datsyuklover @susanWV309 @Cesardarquea @Yaky549 Golden nights: dancing moon.

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2013/02/04 14:20:42

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Emperatriz Morales
2015/01/02 16:20:43

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"Aprenderás A Perder Todo,Somos solo Disposiciones Temporales"One with Nature"Lo Espiritual,Terrenal Única Armonía"

2016/01/13 13:18:20

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librarás a las manos que quieran llegar
al lugar donde el agua se pueda besar
oirás, las palabras se fueron de allí

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Weather Wizard
2016/03/14 22:34:50

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Blue skies/Smiling @ me
Nothing but blue skies/Do I see
Bluebirds/Singing song
Nothing but bluebirds/All day long

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