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Sam McGuire

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LFC Twitter talking about how bad Markus Schubert is


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Becoming friends with my parents as I became an adult


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#OnThisDay in 2004, Steven Gerrard sent #LFC to to the knockout phase of the UEFA Champions League with this late goal against Olympiakos.

Sam McGuire

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De Gea and Pickford having a chat at full-time.

a wizone telling another wizone that otr will drop smth tonight (2020)

Sam McGuire

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Me trying to process a Premier League loss.

My brain:

Paul Pogba: “I wanted to shoot that.”

Scott McTominay:

Football Tekkers

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Jan Vertonghen: I’m gunna lock up Lewandowski

Joel Matip:

Deedee Megadoodoo

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When you get the 1 minute warning in Roblox Fashion Famous

Troll F̶o̶o̶t̶b̶a̶l̶l̶ Bundesliga

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Liverpool when West Ham went 2-1 up.
(📸: @SamMcGuire90 )

Sam McGuire

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He really was capable of the sublime.

Coutinho was a fucking beast at Liverpool. Barcelona ruined his career. What a player man.

Naz££r 

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Coutinho was a fucking beast at Liverpool. Valverde fucking ruined his career. What a player man.

Freddy Krueger's Nan

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Ben Webb

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Morning. Start your day with Big Ali Becker. 😉🧤


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