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Alicia V. Perry⌛

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Dedicating my International Womens Day to this fine woman👏 #IWD2020


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Yo de mayor quiero ser como ella 😂😂😂😂😂

Renate Bergmann

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Um Gertrud muss einem nie bange sein. Die lässt sich nichts gefallen!


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this might be the greatest video i’ve ever seen

Alicia V. Perry⌛

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They get my vote👏💚🙌

Solidarity from Ireland always!

#Eurovision #FreePalestine

Ava DuVernay

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Palestinians dancing dabkeh, the Arab folk dance, in front of Israeli snipers in Gaza. Palestinian dabkeh jumps may have origins in Canaanite fertility used to scare away evil forces and protect security and growth. Source: @theIMEU.

Saladin Ahmed

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me: -scared to debke at a wedding b/c I can't dance-

palestinian youth:

Sangmin @ChoimiraiSchool

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イスラエルのスナイパーの前で dabke(アラブのフォークダンス)を踊るパレスチナの人々🇮🇱🇵🇸。dabke は悪魔を取り払ったり、安全保障や成長を祈願するための踊り💃🕺。

@ava から

The Dodo

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This tiny, very unusual dog is filled to the brim with happiness and gratitude for her rescuer 😍


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This tiny, unique pup is filled to the brim with nothing but happiness for her rescuer 😍

Alicia V. Perry⌛

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The people sing Ave Maria as they watch the flames😭
#NotreDame #Paris

Jack Posobiec

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Christians singing outside Notre Dame