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kazu ⧖ ➤ hades

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so bungie is no longer working with activision AND they get to keep destiny?

Jessica Valenti

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Never thought I’d see an attempted coup but here we are

Kitty Boomhauer 🍇

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I don't know how police can contain this much longer.
Capitol Building - Washington, DC
#StopTheSteal #DCProtests

Mike Baker

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Trump supporters are trying to break past police lines at the Capitol building.

Jessica Valenti

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I’ve lived in NYC my whole life and I’ve never seen anything like this

Stuart McAllister

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Just saw this video of New York City right now. This gave me all the feels. Goodbye you racist, homophobic, transphobic, orange, crooked, narcissistic, sugar daddy with-out-sugar🖐🏼. Best thing of 2020.
#ByeByeTrump #bidenharis2020 #PresidentElectJoe


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A thread of election commentary from Tik Tok

Jessica Valenti

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I very much appreciate how many teens see right through the “we can all be friends” nonsense

aunty snixx

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Some of y’all need to watch this and then watch it again. Hopefully it will educate you.

lys⁷ ☁️

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kim seokjin whomstve i only know count seokjin

Jessica Valenti

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Imagine writing a whole article whining that lesbians won’t fuck men