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clown egg warehouse

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somebody posted this video moisturizing their hairless rat on reddit and i just had to show y'all because lmao

Society if games and mobages stopped using un-costumizable silent protags

society the day twitter allows 7 pictures to be posted together:

Tim Fischer

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Le monde qd Sourya aura fini le tome 5 de Talli

그냥 헥쨩

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이집 옷 광택 정말 변태적일세
그래서 급플랜을 잡아따 명일방주 새비지☆

(👈🏻를 사랑함) 미친새끼 뒤틀렸나봐

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명일방주 한글화 언제되냐 ㅠㅠ 맘에 드는 애들만 델꾸와봄...디자인 씹츼행이여

🌹월간순정칠색조≡메이드씨 in 개미지옥🌹

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찌릿찌릿 전기 좋아하는 토끼남캐

This is either one of us when the other is sleeping


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Laughing so much at this video again not even bc of how dumb it is or the hxh music but bc not a single dog I know has this level of compassion for another dog