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Dreamy tones in the New feed today 😍
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Lake Bled on a very cold winter morning.

📷: @Dreamy_Pixel

Just living is telling a story. You're put on this earth to tell that story, to share those stories.


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เอลี่บงเวอร์ชั่นแมว //เปลี่ยนบงให้เป็นแมว


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Everything's better with you 💘😱

Io non so del sole.

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The ancient Roman ruins at Baalbek, Lebanon, February 1970 (National Geographic)

MyPassion, MyDesires

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"When you love someone,
you say their name different.
Like it’s safe inside your mouth."

-Jodi Picoult

Cultura Colectiva

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“Creo que no hay mayor desgracia humana que la incapacidad para amar”.
Gabriel García Márquez