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Drinkers welcoming smokers back to level 4 restrictions.

Epoman 👾

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Me smoking with my friends who said we’d never touch a drug in our lives

Legit @vaselysapunov and I sharing a bottle of jager in Valhalla carpark after a decade and a half of straight edge 😂


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Any time I actually have sex


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Level 4 is starting to look a lot like level 1.

Dave Schilling

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When you see that video of Lenny Kravitz’s penis spilling out of his leather pants:

Farbod Esnaashari

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How to get in trouble with your girlfriend: Make this face at your laptop


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@GrnGalFrmSoCal @elle_del68

#Belgian Parliament Committee will set the date of debate to lift anti-Russian #sanctions

Manchester City

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Bon dia! Ja en queda un de menys perquè torni el City. 👋👋



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I am crying because I have a ton of stuff to do but I wanna do #RedrawReigen so baaaaaddd

@BonsaiSky @raztweets i bought the video off of him for a pack of M&ms

ha tv, crying, hulu, cry, arrested development, shower, fox television classics, tobias fu…

NyYour Nypeers nyare nyold, nytheres nynothing nyin nythe nyair.


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“Took some fire nudes but have no one to send them to 😩”

What’s your toxic trait?

“I got a big heart.”

Maico 📸

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Mom: vas a ver cuando llegues a la casa


Where must I find all this money for three kits @Arsenal!?
Why are all 3 kits amazing!?

al 🌹ego

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BTS at the Grammys tomorrow ONE MORE DAY YALL

al 🌹ego

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Taehyung - Blue
Namjoon - Blonde
Jungkook - Brown
Hoseok - Brown
Yoongi - purple
Jimin - Pink
Seokjin - pastel gray


Fortress Festival

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Thank you for hooking up a sweet lineup, @MarginWalkerTX. 👏🏻

Luisa Saggin

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EUA jogando bomba no afeganistão, como todos estamos:

bunny momma, esq.

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Me thanking @ladygaga for this Easter blessing


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When you say something incredibly reckless and they match your energy

When You Say Some Freak Shit And He Say Something Even Freakier Back