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baleseng ♡

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Bo "that is your real type" get out of my mentions before kele blocka.

Berook Alemayehu

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@EmbraceTheJ Me to my imposter syndrome:

pia thee pony

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men: I don’t want a girlfriend

me: that’s fine *dates other people*


Your Best Friend's Black Friend

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Daenerys: Dracarys

Night King: #DemThrones

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"as a woman you should submit to your man"..

MVR Noticias

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Yo cuando me mandan audios en whatsapp.

improper influence

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@_maleficentt when they playing the recording of your client admitting they committed the crime

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People really change, my own mom is busy telling to pay back her money yho. O ska tseba motho 😭


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Wow, my future really depends on me?

College Student

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When you've got 200 pages to read, a presentation and 2 assignments all due by tomorrow

College Student

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When you've got 200 pages to read, a presentation and 2 assignments all due by tomorrow

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No one

Absolutely fucking no one

My ex: I heard yous a hoe these days.


"if their rapline is so average, then why is it that their rap verses are good enough to be the Apex of most BTS songs, meanwhile other raplines get their verses treated as an afterthought and shoved in at the end of the song to seem cool"

i just know the mv for my oh my is going to serve. it might come too late, but it will serve


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【地震速報】   [地中カウント累積グラフ] 00:38 福島県 矢吹 三春 浪江 #地震 #earthquake


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【地震速報】   [地中カウント累積グラフ] 06:53 北海道 新得北 #地震 #earthquake

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You either cheat back or leave, I'm not going to listen to your sorrows every day shem.

25 September 🍰🎉

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Start saving from now for January to avoid calling people "Fake friends"


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A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open 👌😂

Malambane First Lady

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Ukuthi upakile akusho lutho, ne muffin imnamdi kune Dombolo

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My big bro taught me about the game, if I get played is on me


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海外のお前ら : (動画)もしもMr.ビーンがポケモンGOで遊びだしたら(海外の反応)

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Me and may babies are a match made in heaven

Gratitude S'thembile Maluka😍❤🌈

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"Sengkganang se nthula morwalo.."
Or what ever it is that Sotho people said💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

thony_Yhl🧣and 99 Others

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When the new tune hits u right there 😊💃🏼 you need to hear this song by @johny_Kore #JohnnykoreALISA

I Z U 🚶#BBNaija

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Me after I registered for #StreetFoodzFest knowing fully well that I have a lot to gain off it