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IG Cally _ Letso 🏳🌈

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The pain of raising a single parent 😥😂

@danielmarven @lizodaniel7 Whatever makes her happy mind your own business sometimes it works

🅱️ L. A. C. K_African🇺🇬

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Imagine the joy...when am told #KFannualgathering is today. Come join me learn & get knowledge about new technologies & how to create new innovations.
Making Us dive into the future.
Happening today at Serena Hotel organised by @kafeerofdn Cc. @ybbawards

IG Cally _ Letso 🏳🌈

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Uyibhale tatto ye butterfly ebeleni lisamile litha lingawa liphenduke impukane

How is your December Budget looking like?
Reply with a meme /Gif
I'll start :

IG Cally _ Letso 🏳🌈

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O busy "Monate mpoloye " o ne zingane e zi yi five bewuthi monate mpolaye, sizoyasala nobani

Mus ukuthi "just landed in Durban" ube uhambe nge taxi. Only aeroplanes land!

IG Cally _ Letso 🏳🌈

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Ngiphuphe ngise Maputo ngavela ngavuka fast ngafaka i Roll on

🇱🇸T U C K I E🇿🇦

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Mara to be honest,
9 months e nyane for pregnancy... Dia shorta kgwedi tseo


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Shiko akiona food imekuja kwa meza iko na supu litre mbili.

IG Cally _ Letso 🏳🌈

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Gogo ngicela u R750 ngilahle i incwadi/textbook ye TANQUAREY😋😋😂

IG Cally _ Letso 🏳🌈

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Mara sibadala for uk'cengana yaz.

Oluwa_BabaNla 💪

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@Jokunle @chemicalbrodar All these Ibadan boys

BeyBoy, 🏳️‍🌈

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Never thought white people also don't pay #Papgeld 💀.

IG Cally _ Letso 🏳🌈

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UJime ube yi Sgora naceda singakusukeli Uvele ube useless

*Y O V N G_K X N G*

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Whites : Nice Jacket
Whites : Thank You

Blacks : Nice jacket
Blacks : R2000 cabanga



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Nowadays Twitter is turning into Instagram.... Dear Mtn please make Instagram free as well.....

IG Cally _ Letso 🏳🌈

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Into eyenza uhlale u single ingoba uhlala endlini nje nge Sgubhu sagesi why u soh ?

Big Speaker 🎮💰

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#AmITheOnlyoneWhoThinks that men abuse is not taken seriously?


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Some rappers write lyrics on their phones while charging but still have no bars🚶🚶🚶

IG Cally _ Letso 🏳🌈

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#LKardashianBirthday happy birthday to you have a blessed one @LeboKardashian

Royal Swati 🌏

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Happy birthday @LeboKardashian wishing you many more God bless you ❤🙌 #LKardashianBirthday

IG Cally _ Letso 🏳🌈

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#LKardashianBirthday happy birthday to you have a blessed one @LeboKardashian

Mosotho Wa mXhosa.🌴🦄

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You are not alone,depression is lying to you😌


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happy happy birthday 🎊🎁🎂🎉🎈❣️
@LeboKardashian #LKardashianBirthday

Addict 🇺🇬

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Happy birthday to you @LeboKardashian. Age gracefully happy soul #LKardashianBirthday