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인간인거 #LetsKrakOn

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여러분 미스티님입니다

인간인거 #LetsKrakOn

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여러분 미스티님이십니다

Godman Chikna

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society aunties can't stay without gossip, hence proved.
#CoronaLockdown #QuarentineLife

Mask 🎭

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When social distancing is necessary but gossip is important.
India aunties 😂❤️


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See the gossiping level 👆😂🤣😂

Godman Chikna

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this is how you play cricket during quarantine


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The Greatest Cricketer of All Time !

RT if you agree 😂

Ahsan Khan

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My present condition now
Corona please jao na
Ab nahe chaye holidays

Godman Chikna

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Why women live longer than men. Ep - 44

ممارسة المغامرات والتعود عليها يخليك تتقن الطريقة بشكل مذهل 😍😍

صور من العالم

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ممارسة المغامرات والتعود عليها يخليك تتقن الطريقة بشكل مذهل 😍😍

Godman Chikna

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Journey from Dadar Central to Dadar Western.

Mumbai Local. 😟

Godman Chikna

♔ Dr.FAHD ♔

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السوق في العشر الأواخر 😂😂

a horror account

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me trying to get to the bathroom at parties

The Cricket Panda

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And comes the trademark Run-Out!

How many times have we seen this before??



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1. When Ramesh Suresh running in the same direction.
2. When she calls 'Hey Ramesh'.

#U19CWC #INDvsPAK #U19WorldCup

Godman Chikna

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When did they introduce Mens doubles in cricket ?

Godman Chikna


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Uhh, that's not how it's meant to work guys... 🤔



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高価なドローンがなくても大丈夫!Karen Xさんの投稿。プロの映像作家さんみたい。商業用の映像も手掛けている様子。他にも色んなアイデアで撮られた映像がInstagramにあるよ。

Отсутствие денег не остановит человека, у которого есть воображение и креативность

Hasan Alsherazi

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لمسات بسيطة لنتائج عظيمة

Bade Chote

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Computer: Press any button to continue

Me: *Presses power button*


Godman Chikna

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•Downloads Mojo Pizza app•
Mojo Pizza: Welcome ☺️

•selected few pizzas, cart value above 1.5k•
Mojo Pizza: Kya baat hai 😘

•adds bank details, about to click on buy now•
Mojo Pizza: Jaise chal raha hai waisa chalne do 😍

•Uninstalls Mojo Pizza App•
Mojo Pizza:

Godman Chikna

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Sets Price from High to Low

Bank Balance: