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La figura de Legends que se viene del Iron Spider está 🤩


The Top Comics

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Se anuncia mini-serie del Spider-Punk. La cual constará de 5 números.
Estrena en abril 🤘🏻

SPIDER-PUNK (スパイダーパンク)

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Twitter Movies

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He’s not Batman. He’s THE BATMAN.

It’s not a poster. It’s THE EXCLUSIVE poster.

@mattreevesLA takes #TheBatman to another level, in theaters March 4.

Pop Crave

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Poster for #TheBatman starring Robert Pattison.

In theaters March 4.

Geek Zone 🍿 #SpidermanNoWayHome #TheBatman

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¡Primer vistazo oficial al traje de 'MOON KNIGHT'!

Animations Park

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La capucha tiene detalles interesantes, me agrada el estilo que le dieron.

Por cierto, junto al vistazo del traje de #Batgirl se confirmó que la película sale este año 😤

面白いけどすぐ絆したがるジェームズ・ガンは『ザ・スーサイドスクワッド』でもブラッドスポートが娘を見殺しにしてでも絆してしまった。『ピースメイカー』は心配いらんと思ってたがポスター見たら不安になってきた。大柄黒人女性とは友情が芽生えるっぽいが、そこで止まっておくれよ… #Peacemaker

The Hollywood Reporter

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The full-length trailer for #Peacemaker was recently released, featuring the return of John Cena's character from #TheSuicideSquad.

Watch now:

MCU - The Direct

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An official new 'SPIDER-MAN 8-Movie Collection' is now available for pre-order, featuring every #SpiderMan film with Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland! Photo & details:

The Top Comics

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Artes conceptuales que no se usaron en #SpiderManNoWayHome
Hechos por Thomas Du Crest

Cosmic Marvel

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New concept art for #NoWayHome reveals Peter Parker with a symbiote 👀

(via @ThomasduCrest)

Cosmic Marvel

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New concept art for #NoWayHome reveals Peter Parker with a symbiote 👀

(via @ThomasduCrest)

𐋀 QuidVacuo 𐋀

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Revelado concept art del Spider-man de Tom Holland con el simbionte.

Artista: @ThomasduCrest