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what if daft punk took off their mask and it was them


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Yumi ゆみ💮 Sketch comms opened indefinitely

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Hold up


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예전엔 IA나 구미 좋아했었는데

솔직히 지금까지 취향인 외모라고 한다면 린렌 남매인걸로

while im posting vocaloid opinions this is the best artstyle the project diva series ever had


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me trying to escape Hatsune Miku’s Sadistic Music Factory

Mitch Leslie

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Mahomes trying to find someone to give the ball to before he gets MULCHED by a 300lb gigachad


bro i love the new IA song they revealed for her birthday 😍😍

thinking about Tetsuya Nomura's god tier Miku design


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thinking about Tetsuya Nomura's god tier Miku design

૮ ̷ ̷ ̷・ﻌ ̷ ̷・ ა patri

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also dont forget the fact that nomura has drawn hatsune miku our goddess

Miraculous Maku

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Just remembered the time Tetsuya Nomura did a collaboration with Hatsune Miku. From full CG video, official art, and even a Play Arts Kai figure.