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Marie D, Romancière

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Merci pour vos partages. Belle et douce soirée à chacun 😊🌸

Pedro Meléndez-Ortiz

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“@svaydd: by Alex Alp..

good morning !!

يا قوي امنحني القوة .. قوة العشبه التي تجرح الجدار .. قوة القطرة التي تثقب الحجر .. قوة الصلاة التي تستجلب المطر ..

Miguel Angel

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Buenas noches tuiteros, ya viene el viernes, aunque algunos trabaja todo el finde. Al final del camino esperanza.

Robin Stanfill ✴🌸🕊

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The Shadows Of The Evening
Flies Over Head
The Day Is Over
How Alone We Maybe
The Past Keeps Swirling
Within The Mind
I Have Come To The Conclusion
You Where Never Really Mine
You Flew Within My Heart
A Beautiful Summer Breeze
To Fly With The Winter Freeze
No More To See Thee