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Bear Boy Jonathan Wedge 🐻

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lmao hey, I really am just bad with names

Gu Yun rocking up at his manor with three kids after years of secret mission in Yanhui.


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《子羊ポケット》イタリア北部 高い牧草地から平原へ生まれたばかりの子羊が自力での移動が困難な時、ロバやラバは乳母として子羊がすっぽり入る大きなポケットに複数の子羊を入れて目的地まで運び母親の元に戻すそうです。オオカミやキツネなどの捕食者から子羊の身を守るのにも有効とされています。

どい(Su凸ko D凹koi)

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I know this will only end in disappointment but douban says June 2021 and I am weak.


(This looked fun so copying from tl)

The sketch The painting

"Zixi, it hurts."

Happy lunar Jan 1st. May I offer you Changgu in pain?
#杀破狼 #ShaPoLang

Has twitter really finally fixed cropping - dun dun dun let’s see

einstürzende neuböltōn, esq. 🇮🇹👑

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andrea, pls,,

💛 The Mighty Gefan

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Making memes in the midnight