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i eat bugs 🔞 hiatus

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like im not kidding im actually going to livetweet whatever the fuck (no spoilers of course)

Figo Kennedy | THE RE4R HYPE IS REAL

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@CanYouPetTheDog You can in VR!👀


punished "clinic" rat 🐀🏥 c0mms open

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You can do it from an immersive first person perspective in RE4 VR

Resident Evil

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Claire returns to Raccoon City with new Resident Evil 2 info from gamescom!


Gamescom 2018 is in full swing and with it comes some brand new screens of Claire Redfield from the upcoming #ResidentEvil2 Remake which is out on January 25th! 😀



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Resident Evil 2 Remake Gamescom screenshot #gaming #indiedev

hirusuhi (RE4R in 5 days!!)

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i think lily gao is gonna do great on re4! the criticisms are unfair as we only heard two lines of her so far, and imo, she really grew on me. every VAs did a phenomenal job so far so i trust her and capcom's talent agency 😊

Figo Kennedy | THE RE4R HYPE IS REAL

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I'm gonna be blessed with so much Leon content this month, I cri


GAME Watch

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【特別企画】ナイフの扱いにサブクエスト、見えてきた「バイオハザード RE:4」の新要素とは? プロデューサー平林良章氏、ディレクター安保康弘氏にインタビュー #バイオRE4

Figo Kennedy | THE RE4R HYPE IS REAL

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I can't wait to see Leon and all the others again😭



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Crazy how FAR Leon has come since 1998 😊

Leon (RE2 PS1) Leon (RE4R)

LEE FOX ⬇️↘️➡️+ 🎮👾🕹

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Man I can wait for #ResidentEvil4Remake like jesus christ I want the 24th to get here.




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Check out the exclusive teaser trailer and poster for the upcoming animated movie Resident Evil: Death Island:

comfort leon kennedy

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Leon & Chris for Resident Evil: Death Island (2023)

Figo Kennedy | THE RE4R HYPE IS REAL

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Game Informer

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Cover Reveal – Resident Evil 4

We played two chapters of the hotly anticipated remake and have much to share in this month's issue. Be sure to also tune into a month of exclusive online features to learn how Capcom reinvented the 2005 classic.

vale 🕷️ re4r week

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when your family small but y'all crazy

Figo Kennedy | THE RE4R HYPE IS REAL

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@runebee Sorry about that babe!

霜月きつねฅ( `ω´)ฅコンコン! 🦊🍃

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Resident Evil

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Zombie outbreak + giant glass windows = bad idea.


Lou 🌟🏳️‍🌈 (comms waitlist 4/4)

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a scene I could never forget from the OG resident evil 2 is the gunshop owner being attacked. I was 8yo at the time, watching a neighbor play. Freaked me out a lot but it sparked my interest in videogames and zombies lol