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UEFA Europa League
2019/03/15 07:40:40

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And then there were eight!

Who's lifting the 🏆❓


Berita Bola Sepak 🇲🇾
2019/03/15 07:41:47

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Suku akhir Europa League 2018/19

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Arsenal
🇵🇹 Benfica
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Chelsea
🇩🇪 Frankfurt
🇮🇹 Napoli
🇨🇿 Slavia Praha
🇪🇸 Valencia
🇪🇸 Villarreal

⏰ 15 Mac, 8 Malam #UEL

2019/03/15 08:01:30

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Squawka Football
2019/03/15 03:37:54

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Eight goals would have been enough to win the Golden Boot in five out of the last six #UEL seasons:

2012/13: Kozák (8)
2013/14: Soriano (8)
2014/15: Lukaku/Alan (8)
2015/16: Aduriz (10)
2016/17: Džeko/Giuliano (8)
2017/18: Immobile/Aduriz (8)

Giroud reaches the magic number. 💫

UEFA Europa League
2019/03/15 03:39:46

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And again! 8⃣ for @_OlivierGiroud_ now 🔥🔥🔥


2019/03/15 03:50:31

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Olivier Giroud for Chelsea this season:

- 8 goals in 9 Europa League appearances
- 1 goal in 20 Premier League appearances

Full player statistics --

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The Blues
2019/03/14 18:00:47

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Happy 40th Birthday to former blue, Nicolas Anelka 🎉💙

What’s the most thing you remember from him?

2016/03/20 07:29:52

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2016/03/22 00:49:24

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Hazard Stuff
2019/03/14 07:57:41

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Hazard has 21 G/A in 38 UCL starts

Hope this helps 👍

The Blues
2019/03/14 16:12:55

Simon Phillips
2019/04/06 05:56:32

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No deal Has been agreed between Chelsea and Real Madrid for Eden Hazard yet, according to @HLNinEngeland, despite Marca’s claims of a deal agreed.

There have been contacts but Chelsea want over €100m and Madrid are contesting the price.

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The Blues
2019/03/13 02:23:00

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Jose Mourinho “It is a reason of pride when a club where you worked before wanted you to come back. The only moment where I had this feeling was with #Chelsea, not with Real Madrid.” #CFC

تاريخ رياضي
2018/10/20 22:45:02

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مورينيو يرد على جماهير تشيلسي ، انا حققت لكم هنا 3 دوري 🏆🏆🏆

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The Blues
2019/03/13 02:16:23

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CHO on Dynamo kiev away game “Every time I play in this competition I feel confident to get goals. The tie isn’t over & we know that Kiev are going to be up for it from minute one. We need to keep our heads strong with a good mentality & obviously try & get the win as well.” #CFC

The Blues
2019/03/21 17:41:44

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Telegraph | Borussia Dortmund are the latest to add their name into the list of possible suitors for #Chelsea star Callum Hudson-Odoi. #CFC

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The Blues
2019/03/13 02:14:30

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Liverpool Echo | Everton's hopes of signing Kurt Zouma have been complicated by Chelsea's transfer ban. And Blues boss Marco Silva is speaking cautiously about bagging the 24-year-old defender on a permanent deal. #CFC

The Blues
2019/03/31 00:52:03

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Times | Everton have told Kurt Zouma that they want to sign him permanently and preparing to start negotiations with #Chelsea. #CFC

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The Blues
2019/03/13 02:04:03

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Mediaset | Mateo Kovacic will certainly not be coming back to the Spanish capital after his loan at #Chelsea, following the return of Zidane. #CFC

2018/12/05 00:39:24

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Tottenham are aslo interested deeply in the player and have told Real Madrid of their intention to bid for h next summer. Madrid don’t want Kovacic or his consultants to return after their attitude towards the club last summer. [as]

The Blues
2019/06/08 21:08:20

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La Repubblica | Inter Milan are in talks with Real Madrid for the signature of Mateo Kovacic. #Chelsea are still didn’t determine to sign The Croatian midfielder on a permanent deal or not. #CFC

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