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Rika | Tsundere Gang CRO |

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Wait NFTs are real?? I thought it was a joke

Robert ₿reedlove

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Twitter devolving since @jack departed…

reply with no context pokemon spoilers ill go first

snorting fun-dip like its 2009

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@BallGuyLEAKS hang on a minute

UYU | bee

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"ORAS wasnt that good" nice opinion but unfortunately

Unfunny Loser

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@ghoulrunnings The rule these two women have over my brain is unreal

out of context this is the funniest fucking image ever

i know nothing about fnaf why is the bird yassified


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guys omg cant wait omg

Silly Videogame Birds

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Silly Bird #168: Chica from Five Nights At Freddy's!

i know nothing about fnaf why is the bird yassified


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call me william afton cause i'm bouta put a kid in this robot

Chappell Ellison

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I've fallen down a google image hole of N64 kiosks at McDonalds and the variation on cabinetry design is truly something.

ARG! ☠️ It's Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro by the fabulous @ghoulrunnings!