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“새해 복 많이 받아!”

“하하… 그래, 다정하기도 하지. 고마-”

“새해 복 많이 받으라고.”

“그게 무슨 말이야?”
‘야, 그냥 고맙다고 해’

“너도 나한테 복 많이 받으라고 해야지.”

‘야, 분란 일으키지 말고-’

- 폴스 니즈 false knees

the canonical nanosergal

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God, every day I swear.

False Knees

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#402 from 2021. I read Uzumaki a little while after drawing this one, making the third frame my favourite accidental allusion.

False Knees

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#367 from 2020. I had some pretty successful comics in 2020. This one wasn't one of them, but I like it.

False Knees

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Since some of you have asked, I’ve set up a preorder for my crowventure story as a little booklet! ❤️