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"I'm here to love and support all female artists." - #LadyGaga

Gaga Media ⚔️

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Ryan Tedder on Sine From Above:

“I have a song on Lady Gaga’s upcoming album that I wrote with Elton John and he’s performing it. So it’s Lady Gaga featuring Elton John and it’s crazy. So that was another one of my bucket list people to work with."

Mike Adam

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Person: “#CamilaCabello can’t even sing though”


Camila Cabello News Media

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Camila’s post on Instagram

the past couple weeks I’ve been working on this jam session for you! @Mastercard & I are bringing u a mini concert series, inspired to invoke a sense of nostalgia for you guys & me.. We have two specials & first night comes out next Wednesday, 5/27 & the second night is on 6/3 ❤️

Mike Adam

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#CamilaCabello teamed up with MasterCard for a mini concert series!!!

Camila Cabello News

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Camila’s post on Instagram: ““love risks everything and asks for nothing”- Rumi, my poetry quote of the day 🌺 how are your hearts?”

sar loves camila

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camila cabello’s selfies are such blessings for all of us

Mike Adam

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me singing both parts of beauty and a beat

Pop Base

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Promotional Apple Music image for Lady Gaga’s #Chromatica out next Friday, May 29.

Mike Adam

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#DAISIES by #KatyPerry is in the TOP THREE of US iTunes now!!! Comin' for that #1!


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🌼 The first single from #KP5 is called #DAISIES and she’s coming MAY 15, 2020 🌼


Portal Katy Perry

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DO NADA: Katy Perry anuncia seu mais novo single, "Daisies", para o dia 15/05. 🌸🌼

"Never Worn White" by #KatyPerry has now sold over 100,000 units in the US! Congrats @KatyPerry!

NÚMERO 2 🥺 Ya la queríamos ver (y ya queremos ver a su hija)... Katy Perry con Never Worn White 🤍 #MTVTop20ConDhasia #VideosConMadre


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IN 24 HOURS, I want to be crashing your #Daisies Zoom watch parties 🌼🎉 Download some backgrounds and send me your party info at and I’ll try to buzz through 🐝 ♥️

#SuperBass by @NickiMinaj has surpassed 300 MILLION streams on Spotify!!! Congrats #NickiMinaj!

✏️ - "Super Bass" by @NickiMinaj

"Super Bass" released in the spring of 2011, was the fifth single from Nicki Minaj's critically acclaimed Pink Friday album.



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انستقرام - 200512
تحديث جيني عبر حسابها jennierubyjane:
"جنتل هوم هنا !!!💚"


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짱예언냐 인스타기다렷삼