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"No words can explain the way I'm missing you"

Sinqlin Hurricane

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Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift ...

The quiet perfect moments
when no words are needed

To whom it may concern:

- The middle of the night knows all my secrets.


Un Hombre Educado

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¿Y si te digo que no se decirte que no quiero que te vayas?

Wicked Erotica

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#Sensual @LapsedSaint @S_L_Rocker @TheDutchLounge @Lover_of_Legs @leonxx01 @Boogie_1969

To whom it may concern:

- Just know that I love to be in love with you too.


Sex Education HQ 🔞1️⃣5️⃣4️⃣K

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#RTF @DrRXM @VxExx @VxHWx @DrRZX @DrRXE @VxArc @MxRTw @DRM00RE 💥 💥

To whom it may concern:

"Any reference to people living is purely intentional."



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George Michal~Freedom🎼
Still Enjoying My Time Off💋


Odalys Carmina ®

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Es el tiempo o son tus manos,
que van labrando mi desierto;
removiendo y por completo
la arenas de mi frágil cuerpo.

Prabhjot Bahra

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Dancing to the inner rhythm
The suffusion of the earth and the sky
A dusty swirl
Holds the light...

To whom it may concern:

"Night is the mother of thoughts."
- John Florio


Mysterious Lover

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"Whispers sounds of Love"


missV - 芸者

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Più lunga e snervante é l'attesa....più dolce ed intensa sarà la resa.....

Una Emoción

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Entrelazar mis piernas a tu cintura hasta que quedes extasiado en mi vientre...

MyPassion, MyDesires

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"You pierce my soul.
I have loved none but you."

-Jane Austen,

To whom it may concern:

- You are right,and I can confirm : Just you!


•Scrivere è come baciare,
solo senza labbra
Scrivere è baciare con la mente..•

A algunas personas las amamos toda la vida...
A otras, aún después.