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Vine hall of fame

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Me finding a nice vine thread on twitter with over 100 vines in it

Jhonatan Villegas 🇻🇪

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Twitter suspendió más de 180 cuentas de entes públicos, líderes y militantes chavistas.


wanna one debuted with an all kill on all digital music sites i love stanning legends

Vine hall of fame

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This duo had me quaking!!!😍😍

these hoes treating me like a corndog

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ive been thinking about this vid all day

زيادوف الهلالي™ ©️

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هذا وضعنا بالسنابات نشوفها كذا😂👇🏻
#Skip ايوووه بالضبط 👌🏻🤓

قواعد للحياة

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كل يوم ادخل السناب واشوف السنابات بهالطريقه واطلع:

✨Lonnie Boy ✨

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@whytrydon "Lets be honest Beyoncé has one "good" album left in her she's gonna fade in a couple of years."

Molly 🇮🇪

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Ethan: I love jersey. I'll forever be a country boy I hate the city

gaby ❄️ @ finished kh3

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lance: *knows how to milk a cow*

𖧵 ⁷ ً

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me: I don’t like country music
Jimin: I love country music !!

hi its jas

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this was hoseok meeting jjangu for the first time