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1. MORE. HOUR. I feel like my head my Exploud. STREAM. LIVE COVERAGE. CHAT. All here & MORE:


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When you hear a Legendary #Pokemon may be dropping in #HallH today... #PokemonGO @PokemonGoApp @NianticLabs


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GQ 3월호 카이 12페이지 기재.


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#GQ 3月号 #EXO #KAI 12ページ掲載❣️
#エクソ #カイ #엑소 #카이


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GQ 3월호 카이 12페이지 기재.


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韓国雑誌 GQ3月号
#EXO #KAI #김종인 #カイ

I rode a bike to school today after God knows how long. I have really bad experiences with bikes. Today I kinda crashed into a car but it was an old rusty car in the middle of the street so it wasn't that horrible- but it was still so nerve-racking I'm shaking so badly sjajjsjd

Métropole de Lyon

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@Toinou_1 @cielement Les vélo'v ne sont pas vos ennemis, promis ! 🙃

My mom telling me to translate some Facebook text this old lady from our hometown got from an English speaking dude...

And it's basically him hitting on the lady... how do I translate this, so awkward...

Since 1984™

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When you camped out two days for some sneakers and niggas start scrappin now the store announces that the release is cancelled indefinitely.

I'm so heartbroken to hear about Qinni's passing. She has been one of my favorite artists since my DA days. Her ability to combine digital and traditional art to create pieces that spoke to the heart was just unrivaled to me.

Rest in peace, you did wonderful 💔

I keep crying and I've given up trying to stop.

The Cultured Ruffian

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When Twitter watches the Presidential debates.


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@yamakurayamada 既出あったらすみません

My younger cat does this pose all the time, I think it's her way of asserting dominance ゴゴゴゴ