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Nintendo Россия

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Сидон, ты лучше всех!


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snsd literally invented photocards yall should be thankful to them

sf9 world domination !!

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when i tell you i Never knew this...

Yoonaddict융융🤫 Click links on 📌

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SNSD's "Oh!" album is also the only girlgroup album that has ever won Physical Daesang 🔥

Pic ©yeobonew


SooMan Stan 🔱 | #HappyChanyeolDay

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1. Siapa idol KPOP pertama yang punya PC di albumnya?


Gossip Girl

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Como olvidar los memorables días de acción de gracias de gossip girl

ʏ𝒆 𝔲l ḛ̸̡̛͔̘͚̲͚̓͆̔̉̄̇̐

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jamie 🦞🎉 10 days | COMMISSIONS OPEN

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I have to keep turning the vibrate off my phone when holding it bc sensory issues and I don't like hearing the pings when it's on sound so when I put my phone down idk if someone calling me and and

Maxx Danziger ⧖

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i JUST realized that the reason blathers is sleepy all day but awake at night is because owls are NOCTURNAL 😭

Bags of Soup Canteach 🇨🇦

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Note to selfish Conservatives.