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Mela Storm #Resistance! NO SURRENDER

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@RubyWaves_ Like this?

Mikal Salaam

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@LivinIsntEasy86 @ChristnNitemare @doctorow

The (BLM) Punisher

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Why will Trump be president again?

"Cult followers"

You didn't make their God bleed.
Now they'll blindly fall behind their false idol

Because he wasn't the biggest criminal...

It makes him the savor

As Trump now declares himself;
‘chief law enforcement officer’ of America

The (BLM) Punisher

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No idea what that is
But tweet will go down as history.

After we come out if these dark ages of living in ignorance of science, humanity, kindness and compassion.

Greed does NOT have to be your God.

As Trump certainly isn’t your salvation.

He is our demise

Mela Storm #Resistance! NO SURRENDER

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OMG, I wish he could just take office right now!

Please support @JoeBiden.

We need him now.

Democratic Coalition

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Do you remember what a real president is like?

We do.

That's why we NEED you to #VoteBiden this year.

Text BIDEN to 50409 to check your voter registration and pledge to vote for Joe in November.

Scott Dworkin

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BREAKING: New pro-Biden ad released by @theDemCoalition, focused on reminding folks what a real president sounds like. Let’s make it viral. #VoteBiden

Help us get it on air:

Mela Storm #Resistance! NO SURRENDER

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@EarlOfEnough Maybe they should have this printed & displayed in a prominent position, Earl.

Will Truman

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I agree, but boy would I agree more strongly if their attempts to do just this, fact-checking scores, weren't so laughably bad.

Mela Storm #Resistance! NO SURRENDER

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No re-election for you!

From @ProjectLincoln

Don’t you think America deserves a president who doesn’t brag that he can spot an elephant?

@realDonaldTrump No re-election for you!

Don’t you think America deserves a president who doesn’t brag that he can spot an elephant?

Mela Storm #Resistance! NO SURRENDER

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Portland is NOT taking this shit lying down!

Mela Storm #Resistance! NO SURRENDER

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My favorite President:

Best president in my lifetime.


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The Smithsonian's portrait of President Obama


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rt 대통령 부부 초상화가 미국 관례인지는 모르겠는데 여하튼 이번에 관련 전시가 있어서 그 계기로 이번에 버락&미셸 오바마 초상화가 각각 완성, 공개. 두 작가가 각각 작업했고 작가들은 둘 다 아프리카계 미국인. 미국 대통령 초상화를 그린 최초의 아프리카계 미국인 작가들이라고 한다

Mela Storm #Resistance! NO SURRENDER

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Here’s a song I find well worth sharing.

Please enjoy.

The Chicks

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“If your voice held no power, they wouldn’t try to silence you.” - unknown

Jamie Carter #GoodTrouble #BlackLivesMatter

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Use Your Voice.

Use Your Vote.


Mela Storm #Resistance! NO SURRENDER

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From @donwinslow

Do the kids trump’s keeping in cages ever get out?

Don Winslow

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At the same time Donald Trump was ripping families apart at the border, caging children and screaming about chain migration, he was using chain migration and a big $$$ lawyer to get Melania Trump's family into the USA.

Our third video. Volume up!


@donwinslow @maly339417 The last 22 seconds broke me


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@thehill Are you referring to this Mitch McConnell?

KKKK - Ku Klux Klan Killers

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@ABC Oh, this Mitch McConnell? @senatemajldr