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The 2009 VMAs are easily the most iconic ever. An evening of mess and spectacle.

Prime evidence that he's an attention-whore.

(semi IA) Nat⁷🌙

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Taehyung jumping on stage during ddaeng was really just him taking notes from lil mama

Pretty Little Liars

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Sing and dance with Sandy and Danny tonight at 8:15/7:15c during #Grease, following #JohnTuckerMustDie at 6/5c!

Young & Hungry

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Four girls are out for revenge TONIGHT at 6/5c in #JohnTuckerMustDie, followed by #Grease!

Monica the Medium

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“Oh, my God! What is that?”
#TheProposal starts at 8:15/7:15c, following #JohnTuckerMustDie.

Vogue España

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[VOGUE NEWS] 'La mala educación': de pequeñas cosas que nos desquician diariamente.

Vogue España

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[VOGUE NEWS] ¿Buscas un tema de conversación? Pequeñas cosas que nos desquician a diario.

Meri ツイプロよんでね!垢移行中

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He is so cool, isn't he !!

Ashley Tisdale

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Happy birthday buddy! @ZacEfron you will always be the Troy to my Sharpay. ❤️ you brother!

bi ♛ is rewatching the originals s3

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“perché nasci wildcat, resti un wildcat.”

quindici anni dal sogno che da bambini tutti avevamo.



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이 해시 써서 ㅈㅅ합니다
하이스쿨뮤지컬 좀 봐주새오

근데 이거 보면 샤페이엘라 찐임... 샤페이가 가브리엘라 팔 잡고 있는 것 좀 보셈 쟤네가 레즈가 아니면 뭐냐

femme fatale

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All these classics came out in 2006. WHAT A YEAR.

femme fatale

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John Tucker Must Die. A CLASSIC.

.@ChadMMurray reflects on A Cinderella Story, which came out 12 years ago this weekend:

『 Sam Montgomery e Austin Ames 』
:・゚✧ A Nova Cinderela

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