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Johnny Mercer MP
2019/03/15 18:25:49

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An awful, awful day. Thoughts with those in the first foreign country I fell in love with

Bloomberg TicToc
2019/03/15 16:18:38

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#ChristchurchMosqueAttack: "I'm 66 and I never thought in my life I would live to see something like this," says an eyewitness who helped an injured man call his wife on the phone during New Zealand's #ChristchurchShootings

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Johnny Mercer MP
2019/03/13 22:14:49

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A classic of the genre. Try being an MP. This is a genuine email from a constituent yesterday.

2016/03/15 17:42:33

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ᴍғ ᴅɪᴄᴇ ᴋ.ᴏɴᴇ
2016/12/01 16:22:14

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나으니가 배경화면 선물해줌

2017/03/18 01:51:08

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Henry Jones
2019/02/06 01:13:37

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This is my new favourite photo

I know exactly how that little girl feels 😌

RAF Photographer
2019/02/06 01:39:47

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That's curtains for the @tornadohq GR4's support to @DefenceOps as the iconic aircraft has flown its final sortie out of @RAFAkrotiri & returned home to @RAFMarhamMedia. The jets will join at Marham as the Station, @RoyalAirForce & UK bid farewell to this workhorse of the skies

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Johnny Mercer MP
2018/10/26 20:10:37

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Turn off the political chat, watch this and have a good weekend.

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🗡멋징에 처돌은 임시직⚖️
2017/08/04 11:29:10

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나는 정치인과 동물이 함께 있는 사진을 정말 좋아하고 모으는 취미가 있으며 매년 웨스트민스터 올해 최고의 개 행사를 크리스마스보다 더 기다리는 사람이다

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Johnny Mercer MP
2016/09/07 17:47:30

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I have written to the Minister urging him to work hard to keep the Marines in #Plymouth.

2016/09/09 05:00:49

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Letter from @JohnnyMercerMP to Defence Minister for personnel about closure of RM Stonehouse

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